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Tally Interfaces For Integration

Tally communicates with the external world mainly using two Interfaces.

  • Tally ODBC Interface (Read Only)

  • Tally XML Interface (Read and Write)

Tally ODBC Interface (Read Only)

Integration Solutions are designed to ensure that the existing investments in Software (ERP, Legacy and other Enterprise systems) remain intact by seamlessly integrating information with new systems, technologies and custom applications within the enterprise, as well as with companies with whom the business deals with.

Need and Benefits of Integration

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) makes it possible to access data from any application, regardless of which Database Management System (DBMS) is handling the data. ODBC manages this by inserting a middle layer, called a database driver between an application and the DBMS. The purpose of this layer is to translate the application's database queries into commands that the DBMS can understand. For this to function, both the application and the DBMS must be ODBC compliant i.e., the application must be capable of issuing ODBC commands and the DBMS must be capable of responding to them.

Tally provides the ODBC Interface which makes it possible for applications to talk to Tally Database. By using this interface, external applications will be able to retrieve data from Tally. Tally acts as a Server delivering Data to external applications.
Using the ODBC Interface, Tally.ERP 9 can make ODBC calls to an External Database and retrieve data from them. In such a case Tally acts as a Client to pull Data from disparate Data Sources. This data can be consumed in Tally as per requirement.

Tally XML Interface (Read and Write)

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is the standard for information exchange with external systems. Tally.ERP 9 supports standardized message formats for Request/Response. Tally.ERP 9 can communicate with any environment capable of sending and receiving XML over HTTP.

Tally can act as an HTTP Server capable of receiving an XML Request and responding with an XML Response. The entire Tally Data can be made available to the requesting application. It is also possible for the application to store data into Tally Database.

Using the same interface, Tally has the capability to interact with a Web Service delivering Data over HTTP. In this scenario, Tally behaves as a client retrieving and storing data into an external database. The Web Service capable of handling Tally Request/Response serves as a layer between Tally and External Database.

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